My Experience In Middle School

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Ever since I was in middle school I always felt different, always the one that somehow stood out but at the same time, i didn’t. The first two years of middle school were kind of hard not because of school but what I faced after school and how I dealt with it. It was every single day that I came home only to face more arguing, it just seemed like everyday something was going to bother my mom or dad. If it wasn’t me or my brothers it was them, my parents always found something to argue about. It was really hard for me because I already had a lot of responsibilities and the weight of school pressing me against the wall, I just wasn’t looking forward to going back home like most of my friends.
On the way back home after school was over I was always thinking about how my day was and how it was going to end and just that thought of coming home was excruciating. I sometimes felt like not going back home because I didn’t want to deal with my parents and their daily arguments but there was something holding me back, and that was my younger brothers. I couldn’t leave them in the middle of all my parent's problems. They were still young and I was the only one that was smart and old enough to stand up to my parents and I was going to do whatever to keep my little brothers out of whatever was going on.
If I could explain how the problem began I would need a lot of time, but that’s something I had to deal with my own problems and my instability. But the main thing that ticked my mom was

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