My Experience In My College Experience

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During the first semester of my college experience, I believe taking Composition 1 greatly improved my skills as a writer. The confidence I have in my writing ability has soared, my time and stress management has improved when taking on an assignment, and I have learned several techniques and tools that will carry on in my future writings. From the beginning of the semester I underestimated the depth topic exploration, drafting, and revision had on the success of a final essay. However, I believe I have successfully organized my thoughts to coherently write each essay from early on. I took every process assignment seriously to help determine what techniques work for me, and I stuck with what worked through the remainder of the semester. First of all, I can recall the first essay assignment I was given, a literacy narrative. Immediately after reading the essay requirements I naturally began jotting down a list of ideas to write about. Coincidentally, listing turned out to be the first process assignment for topic exploration. I was relieved this technique was one I use frequently, even in everyday life. Listing helps me remember my thoughts as I am brainstorming and also helps me narrow down to the best content to use for my assignments. I ended up using the listing technique as the first step for each of my essays this semester because I know they help my thoughts tremendously. For the second essay of the semester, I tried using the questioning technique. This technique was
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