My Experience In My Life After High School

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When I entered college as a freshman, it was expected of me. There was no other choice or Session 1 Journal LaWren Keatts CCU pathway acceptable in our house. It was mandatory that college came right after high school. So, off I went to college. I hated school. For as long as I can remember, school didn’t make any sense to me. I struggled as far back as I can remember. Multiplication flashcards were the ultimate intimidator.My teacher would hold them up and all I could see were figures and all I could hear was Charlie Brown’s teacher say wha wha, wha wha wha wha. My teacher was an angel. She wanted me to get it: have that light bulb moment and she worked with me with everything she had to give.I just couldn’t grasp the concept.I could not understand how any of it made sense, I would shut down, stare at those cards, and I would feel so miserable. That was the second grade and my first memory of learning in school. I was an avid reader. That was required in the home as well. No TV, radio, or playtime was allowed until enough reading was logged. Reading trumped all other activities for me. I remember playing and I remember music. I loved the record player! But, more time than not, I was alone and reading. Reading was my favorite place to be. Reading took me away from everything that wasn’t good. I wasn’t accomplished at anything in school. I didn’t spell well. I didn’t grasp math. Science was way above my head. History was boring and so long ago that it didn’t seem relevant.I
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