My Experience In My Life

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As an artist would create a new piece, multiple events have shaped me into the person I am today. My life is a mixture of inspirational highs and heavy lows. However, despite my misfortunes and amidst my revelations, one moment of immense personal growth stands above them all - and in fact, it wasn’t a moment, it was a process. My grandmother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when I was eight, and since I was in middle school, lived with my family and I. She passed away last March, and through her memory loss she reminded me to cherish life and work hard; in dying, she reminded me to live. I’ll never forget how it felt to drive home from her funeral. Part of me felt sick, part of me was relieved. She was buried alongside my grandfather in the most peaceful of cemeteries nestled in the mountains of the Ohio Valley, and most importantly, she was at rest. No longer would she need to be spoon-fed a simple meal that was bland in comparison to the cuisine she once loved; no longer would she need to sit aimlessly, too weak to walk, upon our living room couch, not a clue as to whatever was going on. No longer would my family have to watch her deteriorate into a shell of the legend she once was. We finally had the chance to move on. And though I was grateful her disease could plague her no more, I was sad that this was the end she had come to. In the aftermath of my grandmother’s death, however, something began to happen; I started to remember details I never realized I forgot.

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