My Experience In My Life

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My parents once told me that there are moments that can shape you, like getting your first pair of ballet shoes or lacrosse stick. But what they unwittingly neglected to mention, were the emotionally gripping experiences that can affect a person during their lifetime. It was like any normal day. Just getting to trudge back into the comfort of home, my weary body sagged after long hours spent appreciating and critiquing dances, and passing time with the cousins, watching the football game. Spews of brown, bouncy and quintessentially childish curls fell around my face, as I made the trek upstairs into my room for the night. I threw on my favorite oversized Notre Dame sweatshirt and shorts to begin the monstrous task of shifting the mass of clothing and fragments of candy wrappers that were sprawled out across my floor. Halfway through combing about the mountain of clothes on the floor, I stopped, as something small caught my eye amongst the pile. A minute, fuzzy figure of Donald Duck, wearing sky blue and sunflower yellow, with a sailor’s hat on top, that I had purchased for my grandpa while in DisneyWorld a few summers before. Instantaneously, I was brought back to the brown shag carpet in the living room, with its own peculiar smell, and the blue tiled bathroom full of the relics of retirement. I could stare at the dark stained wood ceilings for hours, imagining the trees that had been felled, stripped, and sanded to create them. The view of towering pines were like the
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