My Experience In My Life

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When I was younger, I oftentimes found myself with a pencil and paper in my hand. I would leave a multitude of marks on the paper in some form or fashion, whether it be scribbles, unvarying words and sentences, my name, or the names of family members. Growing older, I would find myself writing more than enough when it came to essays. I could never bring myself to leave out any details and I rarely used simple sentences. Originally, I assumed it was because I wanted the validation of my parents and teachers, but it was something else I had yet to realize. I liked writing and I realized it one day when I was in my room, listening to music.
In my youth, I was passionate about school and learning. This was partially due to my parents’ desire of me achieving anything I put my mind to. It was mostly because I loved the fact that I was attending school. I remember my mother and father always saying, “Do your best no matter how hard it gets. Even if you don’t get the correct answer, you can always say you tried and that’s all we ask of you.” Being human, we make mistakes and get things wrong from time to time but with my childlike innocence, I imagined my parents would be disappointed if I would get an answer wrong. They quickly reassured me that mistakes happen and you can’t be right one hundred percent of the time, so there was nothing for them to be disappointed about. They then taught me how it was normal to make mistakes and nothing I did could disappoint them because of their
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