My Experience In My Life

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My past few years of education were, I think, the best couple of years of my school experience of my life. Teachers and friends affected how I acted, learned and studied in school. Hayden was the first major point that affected how I would be in school, elementary school especially. Hayden and I met and instantly we were friends. He and I started in second grade together and went all the way until graduation and senior year together in school. He and I would always influence each other on what we should do when we were bored in school. One moment in school that would affect us and let us know about authority in class happened in 3rd grade class. It was lunch time and Hayden and I had a project due and asked the teacher if we could use the computer during lunch to do the project. I was doing the project and Hayden found a magnet. He put it on the screen and the pixels when to the magnet. I remember him saying “Whoa this is pretty cool” and we sat there for a minute doing that. We destroyed the screen and it didn’t work. We got in trouble and that’s when he and I learned that we could get in trouble in school. Lunch and recess time during elementary school taught us that school could be a warzone at points in our day and school year. There always was something going on at recess whether it be a version of tag that everyone made up or ultimate hide and seek because our playground was huge. There would be people that would just sit and do nothing during recess and all the

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