My Experience In My Life

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The wind serrated past my body. I hesitated, reminiscing all the memories we treasured years ago. Sitting down on a nearby bench, looking at the emptied bus stop. I ran my fingers through the leathery pages of my small book that my father had given me. How long it has been? Five… six years? The clouds suddenly swirled and closed the sky, the thunder roared. Girls of all ages and appearances rushed through the streets as they had just finished school. I smiled mirthlessly.
I hated my old man, since I graduated. Without disclosing my hatred towards him, days quickly gone past. Every morning, he would cook breakfast. It wasn’t the best, but it lasted. As usual, we would walk slowly on the unpaved road that leads towards the bus top. There is always awkward silence existed between us. He always tries to trigger a conversation such as ‘How’s work?’ ‘What do you want for dinner?’, I would simply reply with silence. Once we at the bus stop, we would go separate ways. I would wait patiently near the bus stop. Other kids socialised, talking about the latest things they had done in the weekends. The bus is always packed. It is always hard to get a stance from where your standing, especially in summer. The poorly ventilated bus trapped the hot wind, not to mention the sweaty contact between the people, which made it seem like a gas chamber. I was on my way to the hospital for an important appointment. I didn’t have full details of what’s it about, but its urgent. ‘Sir.’ The doctor
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