My Experience In My Life

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As time passed, it seemed to fly faster and faster. Soon, it was the summer between my sophomore and junior years and I had an abundance of plans for how to spend my summer. One event stood out compared to all of the others. It would greatly influence my life and shape my thoughts to the way they are today. Reminiscing about the events of my past, my journey to the glamorous mountains of Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico to hike for a week is indisputably the greatest memory of my life so far. Our Boy Scout troop congregated at the Grimes South Sports Complex at way too early of a time on a Friday morning. Nobody felt tired, however, due to our excitement for the launch of our trek. We had been preparing for this adventure for over a year. Our moms took the pictures that are typical of moms, then we left in cars bound for Kansas City. I was fortunate to be placed in the vehicle that some of my closer friends were in and we had a blast on the car ride to KC. From there, we boarded a train which would take us to our destination of Cimarron, New Mexico, the closest form of civilization to Philmont. Travelling by train was a unique experience. The seats were extremely comfortable and could spin around. Each seat was situated by a large window that spanned from the ceiling to the floor, allowing for a phenomenal view of the passing scenery. The food on the meal cart was scrumptious. It was essentially a more pleasurable plane ride. After about twelve hours, we stumbled off

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