My Experience In My Life

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In my younger years, I was constantly reminded by my family, teachers and peers about the significance of spreading joy. I started to equate joy with making people smile. Inevitably, those childhood reminders and mindset helped manifest my adult aspirations. It has now become my aspiration to continuously experience joyous occasions when the beauty of genuine happiness is reflected through a confident, vivacious smile. However, growing up in Cameroon, I was not sure how this aspiration could be manifested into an actual profession. Upon moving to the United States, I had one of the most memorable experiences in an unexpected place, the dentist office; it awoke a hidden passion and desire in me. I never thought that sitting at a dentist office for over an hour would have such a great impact on my life. I never felt the stark confidence to allow joy to fully shine through my seemingly crooked smile, until my experience with Dr. Centty, the first dentist I ever encountered. She was very captivating and spoke in detail regarding brushing and maintaining a healthy smile. I was left astonished and felt a puzzling sense of joy and pride that I still feel until this day when Dr. Centty fixed my chipped tooth. It surprised me that a chipped tooth that made me self-conscious for over five years was taken care of so proficiently and gave me a reason to smile more often. Smiling may seem small, but a smile can change a person’s life. My smile changed that day and this childhood

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