My Experience In My Life

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My life is a sailboat sailing through the sea. It is a sailboat because sometimes life can be an easy breeze and it feels like you have no worries and nothing else matters except the moment you are currently in. Although sometimes life can almost feel like you’re in the middle of a terrible storm in the ocean ; everything seems to be going wrong in every way. Once you finally get out of the storm, the sun starts peeking through the clouds; the waves become calm again and the cooling sea breeze hits your face ever so softly. Knowing that everything is going to be okay. This metaphor pertains to my life because my good memory is from August 2013 when I went to one of my favorite concerts that I have ever been to, Justin Bieber’s…show more content…
The ball had fell out of my opponent's stick and I went to get possession of the ball. When I had tried to pick up the ball; I stepped on the ball with my left ankle. My ankle rolled and I had lost balance and everything had became slow as I fell backwards and sat right on top of my ankle. A huge cloud had covered the sun ; my sail broke and huge wave of pain had come over my boat and I had lost all control; my boat had been capsized and was in need of immediate rescue. I had blocked everything out of my mind once I had a heard a loud pop which came from my ankle as soon as sat on my foot. At first, I thought it might’ve been just an air bubble like when you crack your knuckles, so I got up and I didn’t put any pressure on it. I immediately went to the trainers, they said I didn’t damage anything. During spring break I went to Washington D.C. and did sightseeing and my ankle did not bother me at all but when I would sit crisscross or touch the outside of my ankle it would hurt so bad that I didn’t dare to do those again. I kept telling my mom that I knew something was up, but she didn’t believe me because of all the walking we had done earlier that day. She was like a rescue boat right in front of my wrecked ship, watching it sink ever so slowly and she was looking right at me with a lifeline in her hand and watching me drown. My mother and I went to the podiatrist the next day and the doctor suspected that I barely tore my tendon (specifically the peroneus brevis), I

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