My Experience In My Summer

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Life is full of adventures and new experiences. After all, wisdom grows with both. But enough about this adventure we call life, this summer was like no other. I had new experiences and did new things. I did so many things this summer. But if I had to pick the best three highlights of my summer, they would be going to the carnival with my best friend, walking to McDonalds with my new summer friends. Last and foremost, school supply shopping. Funny enough one of the things that was the most fun was school supply shopping.

At the beginning of the summer I went to a carnival with my best friend Tallula. They had a bunch of rides and games! But Tallula and I focused only on the rides, especially since we had unlimited passed to all the rides. I think my favorite one was the hammer. The ride spins and swings and/ atthe same time. Normally I wouldn’t do some of these rides, but my best friend convinced me to do some of them. Although they did not all end with laughter and a smile it was a good experience all around.

During the summer I made some friends on the same street I live on. This was trilling for me because I had never seen any girls on my street in all of the thirteen years I’ve lived here. Although they were both younger than me, we still had fun. Myonna and Sahvanna live down the street from me and across the street from each other. I know your thinking when is she going to get to the good part, but hold your horses it’s coming up. One day Savannah brought her niece
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