My Experience In Special Education

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After my mother passed away my brother and I moved in with my aunt in Westchester. She was emotionally abusive to both of us and this impacted our performance in school. My brother struggled a lot more and because of that he was placed in special education classes. I defended him when he was teased by my aunt and I noticed the difference in how teachers would treat him. When I got to high school I suffered from depression. I attended summer school for three summers because I became less interested in school. Then came my junior year, when I met Mr. Pearlman. He was a tall, muscular, bald white man with an unnecessary amount of tattoos. He noticed how much I was struggling to do my homework in his sexual education class. One day after class, he pulled me aside and asked me what was wrong because he noticed that I was quieter than usual. I immediately started crying and opened up to him about my home life. After that day he was determined to help me realize my worth because I confessed I did not want to live anymore.
The time this man took to cater to a student who was checked out, was remarkable. We even developed a club called SWAT (Stopping Worldwide AIDS Together) We traveled to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, hospitals, and health clinics, to receive and deliver information to youth about sexually transmitted diseases. I was apart of something bigger than myself and it was truly phenomenal. This was all because someone believed in me, supported me, and
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