My Experience In The Pre-Dental Field

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College for many young adults is a place to learn from our mistakes, create connections in our field, and build knowledge about the world around us. As a transfer student at Seton Hall, it has been my dream to learn about the many facets of my major, Public Relations. With my previous studies and six years of experience in the pre-dental field, I questioned myself when transferring if public relations is the right career choice for me. Of course, this decision was not an easy one, but with the help of my mentor, I realized that anything is possible.
Whenever someone asks me who my mentor is, they laugh. I am proud to call my dentist and boss of six years now the person I look up to, because of the humbleness, patience, and generosity he carries throughout his successful career. I began as a patient in his clinic at 10 and at 16 began my first job there. Many will
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That is something my mentor has reminded me of since the day I began my first job till now. When I first stepped into Seton Hall not only was I amazed by its beauty, but also by the student community of leaders and professionals. Everyone including myself wakes up every day, eager to learn about our future careers. I am motivated to work in the beauty and fashion field of PR, but because of my lack of experience in the field, it is very difficult for me to do so or know where to start. I have a passion for working hard, learning about new things, and building communication skills, which I believe will fit in great with my interest in field. With the help of the CHAMP program, I will not benefit by gaining a mentor, but also learn about the opportunities, skills, and other aspects of my major. This will help me grow as both a professional and student. Every great leader starts somewhere and this is my time to
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