My Experience In Writing

Better Essays
It is strange to think about the fact that we are a mere week away from finishing our first semester of college. There have been times when I didn’t think I was going to make it through as well as times when I didn’t want it to end. The first-year writing seminar has been one of the highlights in the first step of my four-year journey. While it may have had its ups and downs, the ups were far more plentiful than the downs, and the height of those ups far out measured the depths of the downs. There have been a plethora of personal high points over the course of the seminar. One of the more general positive moments is the growth I experienced in my writing. At the start of the year, both my confidence in and the skill of my writing were far lower than they currently are. Through trial and error and through learning many useful techniques and tips by other authors, my writing has greatly improved. I recently read my literacy narrative collage and my recent writings are leaps and bounds better in terms of flow, vernacular, interest-level, and overall quality. Another positive moment for me was the first time I read Anne Lamott’s piece discussing “shitty first drafts”. This was a revolutionary idea for me as a writer, and was somewhat of a turning point in my year. As I discussed in the midterm assessment, my editing style has remained a constant minimalist approach over my writing career. This piece opened me up to a whole new, much more effective strategy. A third positive
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