My Experience Into High School

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Going into high school didn’t give me the effect I was expecting. Instead of my usual indifference about life, I found a light at the end of the tunnel. My entire outlook was shifted from one point of the spectrum to its opposite. Everything I thought I knew had been revised in way. My experiences in high school have done a great job in shaping how I perceive the world. Freshman year is when I began learning about the real world. Like every other new student, I was completely lost when It came to finding my classes. I was late to nearly every one of them, but sought help from teachers, which got me where I needed to be. Hallways at Streamwood were never silent; they were either obstreperously loud from the abundance of people or from the footsteps of ditching pupils. Walking through the school gave me time to observe my surroundings, The walls at Streamwood High School were atypical in that they were filled with dazzling, golden sports trophies. Students ' faces were always bright, as if they were filled with neon. After finding my classes, I found they went by really fast. My day included English, fashion, algebra, lunch, AVID, biology, gym and acting. Cacophonous, scratchy bells rang in or ears on an hourly basis. The best class, by far, was my eighth period: acting one. As soon as I sat down in my seat, I scoped the room out. Some of the faces, I knew from middle school, while others were seemingly unfamiliar. We met inside the auditorium, a large room with blindingly

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