My Experience Management : College Is Full Of New Adventures And Challenges

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College Success: College is full of new adventures and challenges. I feel that it is my job to conquer everything that comes my way. I may not be an expert, but I am aware that my old habits may damage my future beyond immediate repair. Time management is what I need to work on. I am the type of person to wait until the end to get anything done. I think that I can just do it later because I have time. I usually end up stressing over the things that could have been handled at the beginning. I am aware that I have time management issues, I am on the road to recovery. Understanding what I need to fix is the best thing to know. Time management is a topic I do not like to discuss because it is my biggest weakness. I am on a mission to make sure it becomes my strength. In high school, I was the student that was waiting for the last day to study. I did not have a plan to gather my thoughts about what I learned. It is important to practice time management before I reach a point of no return. When I mention a point of no return, I mean a stressful path. All I can do is take small steps to make my dream strength a reality. The step that I want to take to reach this goal is making sure I find a place to put tasks that I need to accomplish. A planner will make me aware of things I need to stay on top of, so I don’t fall behind. My goal is to have good grades. Setting a deadline is a great way to finish a task. I want to have an achievement to market myself for the future. A
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