My Experience : My Daughter Lied Silent

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My Experience My daughter lied silent in the womb as I entered the double doors to the Native American Health Clinic. The décor instantly reminded me of the downtown Department of Social Health Services building: white tile floors; exposed brick; random, sporadic community posters with plastered health warnings regulated by the Center for Disease Control sprayed about. From the entrance, there was a pharmacy on my right, a registration window to my left and a mini-social service bar, offering nutrition support and WIC that bordered the Eastern wall. However, none of this was accessible unless you were properly cleared by a security desk stationed at the entrance. Accordingly, we approached the front desk where a Native American woman…show more content…
While it may be true that she meant no harm or felt most comfortable speaking with me, it made me uncomfortable. Once this was completed, he was referred for lab-work as determined by the nurse and brought to a secondary waiting room before being ushered to the examination room. Everything was clean, pristine and in order. The rooms were also much larger, which I appreciated being nearly 8 months pregnant. After sometime, the doctor came through the door wearing jeans, a salmon colored t-shirt adorned by a stethoscope. Her blond, curly hair was placed in a pony-tail. “Tell me Ashley,” she called me out by name. “Do you like your husband’s penis? Because Johnathan,” she redirected her attention toward him, “If you do not get a handle on your blood sugar, your penis will turn black, lose function and will be removed. I have seen it happen! And you’re obviously a father and a husband so I would take better care of yourself.” At this she had not disclosed her name. In fact, she never told us her name. John laughed a bit, but I was appalled. “Tell me, Ashley, what do you feed him for dinner?” she continued to prod. “Listen,” she stated bluntly, “this is what you need to eat, and you, wife, need to assure he is eating it. If you do not change your life style, he never will.” She was correct, but it felt intrusive nevertheless. Accordingly, our conversational experience with his physician was vastly different than what I had
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