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Every fourth grader looks forward to the adventures of fifth grade. In my elementary school there was a program, GEM, for the students who were ahead of their classmates otherwise known as the gifted students. I am the smartest person in my class, I have been a straight A student all my life. I work beyond hard to be one of the best students, so I know I will automatically pass the test to become a GEM student. Preparation was key to my success, but sadly, I didn’t believe it was necessary. The test day finally arrived, and I felt confident in almost all of my answers. The wait for my score seemed like forever. The endurance of patience ended when I received my letter. I ripped the letter open as fast as my fingers could move. I was…show more content…
On the first day of school it became clear to me on why I wasn’t in those classes. The teachers explained how the faster learners, and GEM students were put in the same class, so they wouldn’t disturb the other students when they left each day. Tears started threatening to flow. Nevertheless, I was rejected, because I failed one tiny test. This one test now defined myself as someone who was not smart. My mind is fixed, I am done. Why try when I could never be as smart as the other students? I slowly stopped paying attention in class. Until one day, Mr. Jones mentioned the Hamlet speech. He mentioned that in the “to be or not to be” speech, it has a vital question that we all need to ask ourselves. “Should we be happy about our circumstances or not? Should we be a hard worker or not? Should we give up or should we keep going?” This stabbed my sixth grader heart. I realized I could still be a hard worker without being told I was a hard worker. Why should I let other people define me? I finally saw some of my potential. I started listening to the teacher more, and almost everything he taught somehow seemed to relate to my life. The test retake was a week away. This was an extremely difficult week for me. Mr. Jones ways of teaching inspired me to do my best. If I passed the GEM placement test, I realized that I would need to leave his classroom for extended periods of time. I fully decided to not retake the test in order
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