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Throughout this semester, I have learned a multitude of characteristics about myself, both as a writer and as a person. I came into this class with the mindset of knowing how to write well. Throughout high school, I have gotten away with spending incredibly little of my time on essays, while still being able to make them sound well written. This semester tested my ability to work on my own, without being told what to do. With newly given freedom, I often struggled with what I needed to accomplish. By looking at my portfolio, one can tell that I have developed my writing exponentially. I have become more independent and developed through the ideas and opinions that I have. Reading through my portfolio, the lack of concern and work put in my…show more content…
For example, I did not include The Metamorphosis essay in this portfolio because I did not have intensive content; the prompts given to me for the essay did not agree with what I had learned from the novel. Furthermore, the writing process has helped improve my work. Organization is extremely important to me and it often helps me establish my thoughts. Before writing a rough draft on a topic, an outline will allow me to think more deeply and what I would like to convey. Similarly, after printing a rough draft, I enjoy using colored pens to mark it up and analyze my thoughts. Finally, I make any revisions I edited myself or add any ideas others gave me. This results in a final draft, which may or may not be edited more. I often use websites that rate my paper in order to get more feedback without bothering others.
My goals at the beginning of the semester were just to obtain another English credit to graduate high school. Throughout the semester, I made goals for myself depending on what I had yet to accomplish, such as getting an A on an essay and receiving an A in the class overall. So far, I have met both of these goals, and I believe it will stay that way. There were not any goals that I did not meet because I continued to work vigorously each essay to improve my writing.
As a collaborative learner, I ask many people to read my writing and give feedback, as I do the same for
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