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In this paper, I will illustrate my personal experience within the past few months by using my individual creations—i.e. dreams, active imaginings, and a few paintings. This experience is an ongoing process that allows me to look at the images carefully, take note of my feelings, journal freely, reflect, and analyze my creations and process using basic Jungian concepts, ultimately noticing the changes in myself.
A few months ago, through active imagination, I painted a graveyard with green grasses and yellow flowers around the tomb. I sobbed as I painted this picture; looking at it also made me really depressed because I had so much anxiety about my mother’s illness, as she was in the hospital for over three weeks. It seems like the graveyard symbolizes or suggests sadness, a fear of death, a feeling of loss, or an obstacle. A monk once told me that “If the soil of the graves was well kept with a lot of flowers on it, that symbolizes that there is happiness in my family rather than if the land is not taken care of, this is a sign that one may suffer from loneliness and pessimism.” I noticed a feeling of relief and viewed things in a more positive light. So I thought to myself that if I were able to manage to get out of the graveyard in the dream, it is possible that I can overcome obstacles and even take steps forward in terms of my life.
Moreover, during my active imagination, a recollection of a dream came back to mind; it was the dream about a blond baby boy who fell

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