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Describe Yourself

In a school setting I have very little experience working in groups. I have always been part of classes where presentations and work is performed individually. However, I like to collaborate with others. I am willing to do my best to help the group be successful in this class. In my job, we work as a team, which has helped me become more comfortable with team work.
At this moment, I am very stressed because I wrote the wrong deadline for the Individual Consensus Report and I failed to submit it on the day it was do. I am very responsible and I pressure myself to completing my work in a timely manner. I know that one mistake does not define the future of my student work ethic, but will give me a chance to be more careful and aware of what I am required to accomplish. My personality can be defined in one word, introverted. I am very introverted and I am quiet most of the time. My boss would describe me as someone who likes to accomplish tasks and projects in a timely manner (although this presentation shows otherwise). He would say that I am diligent and have a positive attitude.

Communication Expectations

We all have different reasons for doing school online. My personal reason is due to having to work full time. While others may have children, live in another country, or have the preference of studying online. Communication is a key in success. Communication is part of life, work, and school environment. I believe it would be good to respond between
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