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My junior year was the third and final year that I was enrolled in the business academy at my high school. Being in the business academy was just a sophisticated way of saying that I was taking an online business course through a local community college. It also meant that I was automatically a part of a career and technical student organization called Business Professionals of America. For the three previous years, I had participated in the Regional BPA Competition, however, I fell short one place of qualifying for the State Competition each year. By the time the winter of my junior year came around, I became determined to finally qualify for State. Placing first or second at State would enable me to attend Nationals which was held in Orlando. Nevertheless, my ultimate goal was to compete at the State level. I studied and practiced more than I ever had in the past. I rummaged through an abundance of resources and asked my business teacher a plethora of questions to ensure that I understood the material well. When the time had come in February, I worked on my contest diligently and I revised it multiple times before submitting it. I was sanguine about my final product, but I also didn’t want to get my hopes up too much in case the outcome was not what I was wishing for.
On a chilly February morning, the business academy students, including myself, boarded a school bus headed for Greenville High School for the Regional BPA Awards Ceremony. Sitting in the very back row of the auditorium, I waited anxiously for my contest to be announced. After what felt like a lifetime, I spotted my name projected onto the big screen which indicated that I had made it into the top five, and it was time for me to report to the stage. As the bright warm lights hit my face, I hoped that the crowd wouldn’t be able to see my shaking knees. Starting with sixth place, the announcer called out what place each contestant came in. Finally it was down to second and first place and my name had not yet been called. I was overwhelmed with relief knowing that no matter what place I came in at that point, I had qualified for State. I ended up placing first and my teacher congratulated me with a candy bar as I went back to
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