My Experience : My Personal Experience In High School

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When I was in junior high, I found my group of friends. I thought we would all stay close forever, but things changed throughout our years in high school. I went from feeling like I had a family to feeling like I been left behind and forgotten. It was the start of seventh grade, and I walked into my first period; it was athletics class. The first thing I noticed was this shy and innocent looking girl in the corner. I walked up to her and said "Hey didn’t you go to Cryar Intermediate?". At the time we didn’t know each other, but in little time we became close, her name was Jerika. We were both into school and sports, so we could relate to each other really well. She was the type of friend that didn’t like to bother people with her problems, just like me. She was constantly saying "sorry" for everything she did and I always got onto her about apologizing when she didn’t need to. I was the type of friend that empowered her friends to not let people take advantage of them. I empowered them to be the best person they could be and to not be afraid of it. That year we went to the annual Montgomery county fair. It was a big deal for us because it was the first time we were allowed to go somewhere by ourselves. As we walked in the air was filled with the rich smell of funnel cakes and barbeque because of the cook off. Jerika was scared of the roller coasters, but I forced her on them anyways. After the ride she would say "Wow that was so much fun let's ride it again". We had such
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