My Experience : My Schooling School At The Boarding School

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Early on a frigid Sunday morning in Boston, I prepared myself for the long haul to the much-anticipated Phillips Exeter Academy. “Top boarding school in the country,” now that's something to be proud of. Especially since the word “top”, was never something I labeled myself. The sun was now beaming down on me as I found my way to the science building for registration. This was quite easy to find since there was giant lettering on it which said “Science,” and it was the only building that wasn’t colored red, white, and made of brick. As I checked in and got my room key and ID card I made my way to my dorm to unpack. Less than an hour had passed and it was time to say bye to my parents for the next five weeks. The would have turned out to be the most amazing five weeks of my life for that matter.
The next day, we eagerly start classes, but first, we met in the common room at 7 o’clock in the morning for breakfast with my roommates and advisers. Now, unlike my closest friends at the time, I had a class during the first period, so I walked to the fourth floor of the science building by myself impatiently waiting for the math teacher to let us in. As we started class I realized that compared to everyone else there, I was completely lost. I understood nothing the whole hour.
Next, we made our way to Robotics with Mr. Nash. Even though it was robotics class the only thing he talked about in the first three days was astronomy; something about babies, concrete minds, and the big
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