My Experience Of A Happy Life

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Growing up i had a happy life, i had a nice home a perfect family and i was healthy . to me my life was perfect , but at the age of 14 everything turned grey , my sunshine has been replaced by dark bulky clouds that made my life darker and dark by the day . I remember it well it was my freshman year of high school , the day of our homecoming parade i was so excited because i was going to walk with FBLA . As I sat there in class counting down the minutes, the hours till it began i remember feeling incredibly light headed . i couldn't even stand then BAM i collapsed to the floor , my teacher standing over me “ maria ! are you okay can you hear me ??!” I could taste an acidic taste in my mouth , then it finally hit me i was throwing up .everyone had gone to lunch and i brought my own from home so i would regularly stay in the class during lunch . i got sent home that day but i did not return to school for a week as i got worse instead of better i was taken to the hospital there while they were withdrawing blood they noticed my levels were extremely i went from having a virus that would be gone in a couple of days to having to go every friday to get checked , but ultimately i got better then for the rest of my freshman year i was okay, or at least i thought. Following up my sophomore year i was not getting better the doctors didn't know what was going on with me why was i having pains? Why was by blood level so low ? why was i so cold and pale? Was it leukimia ?! it
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