My Experience Of Civic Engagement

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Civic Engagement assisted me when thinking about what service I was already doing. Before this project it’s not like I didn't do anything to help out my community. I just didn't see it as civic engagement or didn't even think about it. It helped me to better recognize when I was doing service. This experience also gave me more motivation to help others because of the feeling I got and others received. Some of the things I did was glue together plastic flowers to put into wigs for kids with cancer. Even though I never met these kids and probably never will, I hope it helps them and makes an impact. Another Civic Engagement opportunity I did was, make rice krispies for construction workers. I wasn't able to physically deliver them, but it’s not always about getting recognized for what you did, just knowing you did it.
I grew as a citizen because I focused more on others and not just myself. Previously I was worried about myself and that I needed to spend most of my time to work on myself. I learned that helping others benefits both the person and me. I started to serve people more and find service opportunities as the years went on. Along with this I made sure to find a purpose in doing my service, cause if there wasn't a reason was it really service. While I was growing as a citizen, I
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Then when I moved to Middleton High School my Sophomore year I learned that this was a requirement. At first I wasn't very good at trying to find opportunities if they showed up then I maybe did them. However, as the years went on I started to enjoy doing the service. Seeing the joy of the people I served gave me a good feeling. So when there was chance for service and I had the time to do it I did it. Or if there wasn't any available I would think of my own. Also when there was service opportunities I would take the initiative and go and ask a friend to go with me as
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