My Experience Of Entitlement Among Kid Kids

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In my experience, I have witnessed children act in a significantly different manner than my parents claimed to have acted in their youth, with an increase in arrogance, and a decrease in manners. I feel like when I was younger, we learned lessons of entitlement, bullying, and honesty sooner. Kids now are all often self centered and inconsiderate of others. Kids in this new generation haven’t appeared to learn three key lessons that I have personally got a better grasp on as my high school life and life prior has gone on. They don’t know money does not grow on trees, all bullies are cowards, and honesty is the best policy. Nowadays, there appears to be a new sentiment of entitlement among children. Unfortunately in the real world, nothing is given without working for it. I earned everything I got, and it wasn’t as simple as asking for it. When I was two years old I really wanted a tricycle, the only way my parents would give it to me is if I got potty trained; a week and a half later I had that tricycle. If kids get handed things their whole lives, they will not get a work ethic and it will be harder for them to succeed. They need to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees, and everything must be earned.…show more content…
I see more bullying in younger kids than I do in high school. They don’t realize that bullying is more than physical abuse, but mentally damages them too. When I was six, my friends and I were hanging out and we would not let this one kid be with us because we thought he smelled, he ended up crying and walking away. From that moment on, I’ve always attempted to be the nicest person possible to others. I’ve seen kids who are twelve make someone cry and feel good about themselves. They don’t know how much of a coward they are for making others feel bad to feel good. Self-worth should be defined by a person’s own accomplishments; not the satisfaction of taking away someone
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