My Experience Of Learning English As A Second Language

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As a well-balanced bilingual linguist both in English and Korean, who has an ESL background, I have overcome numerous challenges that an ESL student must confront. Besides having an experience of learning English as a second language, I have taught English/Korean to Korean and Korean-American students from a wide range of age and level of fluency in both Korean and English for many years in a form of tutoring and as a class room instructor. English and my mother tongue, Korean, I‘ve learned Japanese and Japanese culture for several years. I have studied linguistics for consecutive six years as my major at the both undergraduate and graduate level program. I graduated from Hofstra University with MA in linguistics in May 2016. . My passion, commitment and talent in learning foreign languages and linguistics have earned me being listed on dean’s list for every semester that I have taken and rewarded me with graduating as an honor student.
Throughout the academic years, I took essential linguistic courses about language and language acquisition theories including Phonetics, Linguistics, Syntax, Language Acquisition and teaching, language the law, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, and forensic linguistics field method. The linguistic courses that I have taken during the college years and Master’s program provided a strong foundation and motivation for me to further pursuit a linguistic expert in SLA and bilingual education. Moreover, throughout my academic experience
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