My Experience Of My Adventure : My Hunger Games Adventure

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My Hunger Games Adventure On an ordinary reaping day in district 12, we 12 year olds were in a group very scared. Our first year eligible for the hunger games. The person who draws the names started with the girls and drew one of my friends named Autumn Mason. “Now for the boys,” says the announcer. Today is the worst day of my life because my other best friend, named Connor Flores, got chosen. Of course two 12 year olds. I could not let my two best friend’s die, so I volunteered as a tribute. Even though two tributes from the same district were allowed to win, Connor was hurt VERY BAD. Instead of shaking hands, we stared into each others eyes and I said “Meet me at the tail of cornucopia.” Autumn said, “We need allies.” When we got on to the train I started to realize what I did. Autumn looked over at me and said, “Why?” I thought it was best not to answer that. When we got to the capitol our mentor tripped and fell off the train. Dummy When we were taken up to our quarters, I was stunned. The room was BEAUTIFUL. At dinner, I ate two hot dogs and some french fries. When I was going to sleep I heard Autumn screaming. Of course she just wanted to scare me. The next day we were in the training center and I found out Autumn is good at camouflage and I am good in archery. At the end of the 4 days, my score was a 8. Autumn had the same score as me at the end of the 4 days. Chapter Two:The Arena Day one, Autumn and I met at the tail of the Cornucopia. One out of our two

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