My Experience Of My Life In The Refugee Camp

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When I was eleven years old, I was living in one of the small Bhutanese Refugee Camp called Goldhap located in Jhapa, Nepal. Life in the refugee camp was simple for me since I was only 11 years old. But for most adults including my parents, it was very challenging. Since they didn’t have their own land; they couldn’t eat whatever they wanted to like in Bhutan where they had large arable land for plantation. People in camp were not allowed to work outside of camp. But to provide for their family they worked laborious jobs such as stone-breaking, road-cleaning, and ploughing (with an Ox). My parents did all they could to satisfy our needs and some wants. Ever since I was little doctors fascinated me so when I grew up I wanted to become one. However, I knew it was next to impossible to become a doctor in Camp because of financial situation. The turning point of my life was when I came to America.
Thankfully, I was born in supportive and loving family. Both of my parents worked very hard to provide for the family. My dad was a skilled carpenter thereby, he would go to different parts of Nepal and India to work. On the other hand, my mom stayed home and worked. She would make Nanglo; a flat, round tray made of bamboo and sell those to earn some money. Besides that, she did various other works such as sewing, sharecropping etc. Even though she was busy most of the time she never failed to encourage me to study. She was the first one to teach me the importance of education even
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