My Experience Of My Personal Experience In High School

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Going through another normal school day walking down the hall with my friends of the last 3 or more years, stopping at my locker are unofficial “official” meeting spot, all of a sudden my best guy friend comes up and tells us the news that everyone seemed to know except us. First to understand our high school it was set up in a district of four different schools Lincoln-way east, north, central, and west. Kids from east tend tone friends with kids from north and kids from central were usually friends with kids from west, after all east and central were rivals in just about every sport. After hearing that one of the schools will be closing it was like bomb was dropped in the school, everyone was talking about it or worrying about it. Teachers became stricter in fear of getting fired and students worried about getting separated from their friends, once the district made the decision that Lincoln-way north was the selected school to get closed and me attending East I was sure I would be in the clear, after all East and North got along great and having many friends at both schools I was prepared to have the best senior year ever, just like everyone wanted right? wrong. My school was consisted of two towns one being quite larger than the other. I lived in the smaller town. Since a whole school of kids would be transferred over to the school I was currently at I was getting the boot. Saying goodbye to all my friends and teachers that I would see everyday, I was getting sent to
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