My Experience Of New Zealand

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My overall experience in New Zealand was amazing and breathtaking. I’m so glad I chose this short-term capstone program. It all started off with a long flight, everything went smoothly for the most part and got everywhere on time. The time change was definitely the biggest change for me. Our tour guide Jamie was phenomenal. When we first met him he showed us around Auckland and pretty much gave us the low down on the rest of the trip. We then made our first stop at Mt. Eden! It was so cool to get a 360 degree view of the entire city! Then we had some free time to explore. The majority of us headed over to a little beach to hang out and relax after we got some food and look at volcano Rangitoto which we would later hike up. After a long…show more content…
Kind of similar how we hit a button and we get the symbol when to walk, but in Auckland, for 30 seconds the stop lights were red all four ways and people could jaywalk through the middle of the intersection or however they would like. On day 3 we visited Auckland University of Technology. They gave us a small tour of the hospitality school, which would be like a culinary school. The tour of the motion studios was really cool. After the tour we went to a fruit kiwi farm. We noticed at the farm that the soil was a red/brown color, but they informed us that it was very rich soil. At the kiwi farm we got to try our first golden kiwi, it was most sweet than a normal kiwi, but good. We then got to see the owner’s onion farm also and the factory they have with the process they go about after picking them. After that we went back to Auckland and got ready for a rugby game. We watched the Blues vs the Bulls from South Africa. It was cold and rainy at the game, but we made the most of it and had a blast, we even got to take the train back, which was fun. Day 4 we really got to understand why Auckland is called the city of sails. We went to the maritime museum. It was filled with old sailboats and had the history of each of them; there was informational movies and even games to play. We got to take a ride on the Jane Gifford. The ship is over 100 years old, completely restored and used all 7 sails. I didn’t, but some got to help with the sails. The next day we went sea
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