My Experience Of Reading

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While I was in middle school in sixth grade I actually didn’t know how to read books or any story my teachers would give me. As I was reading through the passages they would give me, I noticed that while I read a story it wouldn’t stick to my head. I then told myself that it is going to be difficult to read passages since nothing would click in my head. There were times where the teacher would have the students and I take mini quizzes and I would hardly understand on what the reader was talking about. I would fail the quizzes due to the reason that I never gained much knowledge in reading. Articles and stories would always be tough for me to read since I didn’t have many experience in reading. Therefore, half of sixth grade my teacher whom was named Ms. Soto which was an English teacher had really made reading easier for me as the semester went by. I had told her I was having difficulties in reading and she gladly helped me out. Every time I needed help with a problem from the story she was gladly there to help me. For example, the many things she would help me out with was having to stay after school for about an hour reading poems, articles and short passages from books she would give me. She also had me read magazine pages every three times a week to better my understanding of what I’m reading. I then was told that it would be a good opportunity to come in on Saturdays for reading to better my knowledge in what I’m reading. With all the help from my sixth-grade teacher
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