My Experience Of The Church And My Church

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My whole life I had been attending church with my family. It was just a regular thing that we did every Sunday and sometimes on Wednesdays. I thought because I had two parents that had been Christians for their whole lives it automatically made me a Christian from the instant I was born. I thought there was no need for me to do the initiation prayer and profess my faith publically, but I was wrong. In the second grade I realized Jesus needed to be something I had to make my own thing and He was something I had to pursue by myself. On Easter Sunday when I was in second grade my church was having something special for the students in first through sixth grade. Everyone in those grades were going to met on the grass behind the church. On the grass was a huge tent where we were going to have our special Easter message. Of course I had already heard the Easter stories multiple times by now and I did not think anything special was going to happen. They gave us the message about how God died on the cross for our sins so we did not have to, then he rose again on the third day. After the message the leaders let us plays some games. I remember one game in which we had to fish for the ducks with magnets and if you fished out the duck with the special sign on the bottom you got a prize. I did not win but one of my friends did win and I was happy for him. Near the end of the service we began to do worship, which honestly was my least favorite part. I never liked singing the adult song
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