How To Be Thankful For A Day

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There are many things to be grateful for each day. Whenever I fill my heart with gratitude, the day will become very happy and productive. I realized that the time when I am not appreciate the things around me,it is also the time I complain the most.Living in BYU Hawaii has numberless things to be thankful for.

I am really grateful for my current job and the jobs I did in PCC. As students in BYU Hawaii, we are lucky to have a job to support ourselves, as well as gain working experiences before graduate. My first year and half, I worked for Food and Beverage Department in PCC. It was an extremely the best working experiences. I was able to meet people from different places, and learned how to work as a team. After I became a Student Lead
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Learning with an instructor can be very hard. It is like sheep without shepherd. Because this is a church school, the instructors I have had so far, are all very kind. They are knowledgeable and spiritual. One of the instructors I have this semester, assign one of the students to share a scripture that is related to reading. This activity helps me to ponder how to make connection between the gospel and the career that I will do in the future.

Besides instructors, I am so grateful for the staffs who are working in the cafeteria each day and even on Sundays. During school days, cafeteria opens early around 7 and close about 9 pm. Students can just walk in anytime to eat, and do not have to worry about washing dishes. It fits everyone’s busy school schedule. Therefore, We do not have to go at a certain time. As I know that working in cafeteria is not an easy job. It is very tiring job. However, we are so blessed to have people chose to work there and help us to be successful in
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Having a temple located beside our campus makes this campus a unique place for all of us. Each week, there are many faculties and students serving there as a temple worker. I am so grateful to be one of them.This is a learning opportunity that God provided for me so that I can learn early. Like temple president’s wife says: young people who serve here is a huge blessing, they do not have to wait till older age. This serving experiences can help them do better in their future
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