My Experience On Having Trial Mods

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Minecraft Username: tcd2000 Age: 16 Previous Experience: I was an admin on an OP Factions server, with OP and * commands. I became staff on there because their staff was rather inactive, and I logged amazing hours, So I knew I could help. This is the same on this server, However, the staff are more active. From my experience on HCGames, players are mainly impatient, and pressure staff, not taking into consideration that they may be busy. I am accustom to this and have learned through my staff experience how to micromanage in situations where multiple players, and or staff members need my help. If someone were to /report someone, I would /staff or /v and tp as soon as possible. However, I completely understand the concept of having…show more content…
Whenever something doesn 't quite work the way you want it to, I am always there to diagnose the problem, and fix it! However being staff doesn 't only mean helping people fix certain things, rolling them back, and what not. Being staff is a package. You do the fun things such as banning hackers, and spectating koths, however, you also need to do the things that may not be as fun, such as documenting your bans, or dealing with impatient people in teamspeak. I have learned this throughout the time I have been staff. My skills as staff are something that I 'm more than sure HCGames staff members, and players could use! (Not to be cocky, I 'm not) If I were to be promoted, I would be on hours a day, spreading positivity, and helping people as soon as they need it. An extremely important attribute you must have as staff, is patience. This is something that I have mastered throughout playing HCF, observing staff, and even being staff myself. I have learned to cope with players, and help them with whatever is troubling them in-game. If I were to be accepted as staff, I could help the other staff with helping players in ts, or with reports. Another one of the main attributes a staff member must have is maturity. Maturity is one thing that I have never lacked. I am not one to spam when I see a hacker, Or when I die I don 't talk loads of trash. I also take the blame for

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