My Experience On The Public School System And How They Impacted Me

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“Learning sucks, school sucks and I suck”. The prior statement can describe my mindset l during my formative years of education and my beginning view of college. This negative tone was because I had struggled in school and always received low marks in classes pertaining to English and writing. I believed that I was stupid and uneducated because teachers would point out my flaws, but never show me how to improve in my areas of weakness. I was fortunate to have friends, family and mentors who helped lift my spirits and motivate me to become the learner I am today. Below I will discuss how my struggles in the public school system and how they impacted me. I will then discuss how they diagnosis of ADHD played a crucial role in my development inside classroom. I will discuss how family played a role in my understanding of what it means to be a learner and how their push for me to read continues to help me today. I will conclude with how I see myself as a learner today and how my past, present and future all play a crucial part in my continued growth and development.
As noted above, school has not always been easy or enjoyable for myself. During elementary school I was behind in my English and spelling skills and thus felt out of place. My elementary school had a practice of separating the students into different classes in the areas of excellent, average and needs improvement. I was in the needs improvement class for both English and spelling. This took a psychological toll on…

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