My Experience That I Influenced My Patient

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In this week’s discussion I will describe my experience wherein I influenced my patient, let’s call him patient A, into his outmost functional mobility potential from his stay from our rehabilitation facility. He was admitted to the hospital due to congestive heart failure, which was amongst the few diagnosis on his chart. On my focused history and initial evaluation, patient stated that his baseline function was non-ambulatory upon admission to the hospital. Patient’s body mass index (BMI) was ~48 which were considered obese in the BMI spectrum. Objective assessment includes ROM: WNL; MMT: B LE 3/5; Level of assist from sit < - > stand was one assist. Clearly, this patient of mine was mainly deconditioned from inactive lifestyle and from acute hospital stay. I let this patient settled-in in our facility to relax his mind, and after the second day of rehabilitation, I had a talk with him about his goals, although he told me he want to go home on my initial interview, but I probe more question regarding his realistic intention of physical activity. I was surprised that he was very receptive of my questioning about wellness side of his health. After advocating wellness into his lifestyle, he understood the benefit of freedom from incapacity due to obesity and co-morbidities. While we were making short term goal of walking towards the bathroom independently; as he was not able to do it before when he got admitted to the hospital, he was self realizing his poor lifestyle and

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