My Experience To The Holocaust Museum

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For this assignment, I visited the Holocaust Museum with 3 of my peers. The museum consisted of a very well organized circular room that had different posters with information on them, and they also had pictures of items that were used and how things looked. The pictures that were portrayed helped me better understand the concept of the paragraphs that I was reading next to them. There was also a separate room with letters from people that survived the holocaust and they explained what were the things that they went through. The Holocaust is one of the biggest historical events that will always be remembered. It caused a lot of death, hurt, and trauma. It took place after World War 1. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. After the Great Depression, the Germans turned to Adolf Hitler for help on getting rid of Jews because they believed that the Jews would only cause negative things to happen in the Germans life. The Germans believed everything was going to be better if they got rid of the Jews. When Hitler came into Germany as the Nazi leader, he created a new form of government that began to change everything. He controlled what was seen and known by the Jews. Hitler began to create Concentration camps and Ghettos where the Jews would be transported to.
In the main room of the museum, there was a section that talked about the Nazis and how they treated the Jews. The Nazi police did not care about the way that the Jews were treated. The most important thing to

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