My Experience When I Started At Golf

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Sucking at something is the first step of being good at it. I know this from experience when I started to golf. Golf is among the top ten most popular sports around the world. This is a sport anybody could play and where you can test your concentration and precision skills. Many people think that golf is an easy sport to play, but not anyone can actually be good at it. There are people that take years to master the basics of swinging a specific club and having a proper stance position. The basics include hitting the ball with a club and hitting the ball directly to the hole on the green; however, to do the basics, you’ll have to know how to swing four sets of clubs that are inside your bag: driver, woods, irons, and putter. First, like any…show more content…
To make sure the ball is ahead of your head, align the ball parallel with the inside heel of your left foot. Spread your legs so that you put most of your body weight on your left foot. Once you have your stance, you will want to grip the driver firmly but naturally. After you have a stable stance, let’s move on to the swing. The trick of having a smooth swing is using the shoulders, not the wrist. You want to take the driver back with the shoulders. Always remember to keep your front arm (left arm) as straight at all time on your back swing because the goal is to create a smooth arc. During your back swing, keep your feet flat and your body straight. When you reach to the point where you make a semi arc, you will swing the driver downward again in a smooth stroke. Keep in mind to have your arms extended as you swing. After you strike the ball, you are going to lift and turn your right foot. This is important because if you start to turn your body before you hit, it will cause your ball to slice and loose distance. Do not stop moving after striking the ball; follow through by folding your left elbow and crossing your right forearm over your left forearm. Therefore, you will have a clean finish on your swing and move on to the next shot. We still have a long way to go, yet so close. This time we will be introduced to woods. The most common wood clubs are the
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