My Experience While Watching The Oklahoma Festival Ballet Essay

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In this paper I will describe my latest experience while watching the Oklahoma Festival Ballet. However, before starting this journey I feel that is necessary to give a brief description of what Ballet is, in order to understand the feelings that it carried through its existence. Ballet is an ancient dance that was popularized by Catherine de Medici and has its roots in France. At the beginning it was used as a way to get political power and was only used by aristocrats; however, as the world evolved ballet evolved it spread out and covered a wider range of appreciators, that were enchanted by the glamorous, vibrant and at the same time soft steps that this dance interprets. As it evolved, it lived different periods where the costumes, themes and style of dance changed; but for the purpose of this paper I will focus in the Romantic Era. The Romantic era is known by themes that represent mythological creatures, emphasis on feelings, delicate style, and dancing en pointe. With this brief description of the history of ballet, now I feel comfortable to start talking of my experience during the Oklahoma Festival Ballet and let the show begin. The Oklahoma Festival Ballet had 4 dances: "Pas de Quatre", "Spectre de La Rose", "Bouquet for Yvonne" and "The Firebird". All this choreographies were created during the Romantic Era. So I expected to see warm colors, such as red, which describes passion and love, and indeed it had, so I felt on track. The first dance was the "Pas de
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