My Experience With A Bus System

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Over time, the places that we think we are familiar with can change in some ways; sometimes they change for the better or for the worse. Four years ago, I left Bogotá and then I moved to Germantown with my dad. I remember Bogota being a beautiful, attractive and restless city. However, when I went there last summer, I noticed that it had changed; the city used to have more organized public transportation, it used to be safer and public constructions used to get done. Over the last four years the city where I grew up has changed considerably.

When I used to live in Bogotá, I used to ride the bus or the Transmilenio almost every day. Since I did not have a car nor was I old enough to drive; I had to rely on public transportation to get to the places where I needed to be. The Transmilenio is also a bus system that has set routes, but the only thing different, from the normal bus system in Bogotá, is that it uses a card like the Ride On here in Germantown. Back then, I used to ride the bus in the morning and then ride the Transmilenio once I got out of class. The bus and the Transmilenio used to be on time and it used to not be full of people. In contrast, last summer I had to wait for long periods of time because the buses were full and they simply did not stop. Buses were also late all the time, I remember one of my friends was upset with me because I was an hour late to a date we had. Transmilenio stations were so full that they had a line going into the streets; and that…

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