My Experience With A Interview With Mylee

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Having this interview with Mylee, I was able to tell Math was a subject she enjoyed and really worked hard at. During this interview I was able to understand her strengths when it came to solving particular problems. A couple of strengths I was able to see during this observation was her ability to look for details that helped her solve problems & her use of strategies. When it came to her use of strategies, she tended to use different strategies to find the solution to the problem. She also tended to combine strategies together to find a final answer. Based on her strength, she analyzed each of the problems to find words that could help her find a way to work towards finding a final answer. For example, she stated, “the way question 2 was stated showed her that she would had to split the pizza into enough piece to give enough to six students equally. When it came to her weakness, I would say one of the main weakness I found in this observation was after she finished the problems she never went back and check to make sure her answers was correct. When planning future problems for Mylee, I believe my biggest focus would be on using smaller numbers when it comes to working out problem and along with those using questions that fits her interest. The reason to this is because as a student she will be able to put her self into the shoes of the question and gain some motivation to work through this problem. Carson Based on Charlie strengths, I would say a few

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