My Experience With A Pakistani Wedding

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My experience with a Pakistani wedding
I was recently invited to a Pakistani wedding from a really close friend of mine whose sister was getting married, I happily accepted to go and looked forward to getting to know the traditional Pakistani wedding ceremonies. I come from a purely Indian background, my family used to live in Gujrat before they moved here 20 years ago and I have grown up with values of both the Indian and American culture. Throughout my life, I have attended many Indian weddings which are filled with traditional customs and ceremonies and last as long as five days. This wedding however, was the first Pakistani wedding I have attended. My friend had told me earlier that the couple were having an arranged marriage and so I had made it my main focus to find out the motivation behind the couple getting married as well as the motivation of the two families to come together to wed the couple.
I was informed about the different ceremonies that would be done in this wedding which was two days long. On the first day they would have the Dolki and Rasam-E-Mehndi which was essentially done with the bride’s family, they would gather at her home and apply henna on the bride who is supposed to wear a simple yellow shalwar kameez outfit. The second day is the day I attended, on this day they had the Nikah and the actual wedding reception. During this day the groom wears a sehra and goes to the bride’s house for the Nikah ceremony. At the Nikah ceremony, the couple gets…
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