My Experience With A Patient Essay

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INTRODUCTION Throughout clinical I have faced countless new experiences. From performing new tasks to having two patients, the last two weeks of clinical have been nothing short of exhilarating. Facing a difficult patient has tested my abilities and how well I am able to adapt to various situations. Moving then to two patients created a busy environment. Having one patient being independent and the other being dependent on me, made for a good balance. However, with the countless medications needing to be administered the past few weeks have been stressful. Learning to manage my time, between the new patients, allowed me to focus on each of their needs. Through this experience I have gained new insight, tied theory together between classes and clinicals as well learned how to handle difficult patients. I have learned where I need to work on, how I intend to better my practice and how I will take my previous experiences and apply them to the future ones. Understanding where I need to improve my practice will give me a better understanding, herby benefiting both my patients and I. WHAT The past two weeks of clinical have been unlike any other. I started each clinical off by completing patient and medication research. This gave me a better understanding on everything that was going on. Following research, I began my clinicals and have since then experienced one in particular instance that will stick with me for a while. I encountered a very difficult patient and
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