My Experience With Diversity And Multiculturalism

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Describe how your personal experiences with diversity and multiculturalism, which may include paid or volunteer work, have contributed to your interest and readiness for social work practice. My experiences with diversity and multiculturalism first started when I saw my grandfather having to translate for my great-grandmother. She only spoke Italian so whenever she tried to speak with me I had to ask my grandfather to translate. After my great-grandfather passed away my great-grandmother lived alone. Due to not knowing English, my grandfather would have to take her shopping or to appointments because she could not communicate. She constantly struggled because she had to rely on my grandfather to communicate for her. Witnessing her language barriers empowered me to want to provide resources to all cultures and ethnicities. As a social worker I can help those who struggle with language barriers just as my great-grandmother did. I volunteered for the Monterey County Reads program where I was trained to support kids that tested under the average reading level. I was placed at Fremont Elementary School in Salinas, CA where I read with five fourth grade students. Each week we would pick a book from the library and one-on-one they would read with me. I assisted them with corrections, support, and encouragement. At the end of the week I provided the teacher with an update on each student’s progress. While volunteering at this school, I realized that the quality of the
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