My Experience With Diversity Growing Up

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Everyone has their own experience with diversity growing up. Some kids grow up in a very diverse neighborhood and school district, while others grow up in small farm towns where their closest neighbor is five miles away. It is always interesting to see how everyone is raised, their beliefs, and their personal experience to diversity. No matter how an individual is raised, as an educator we need to make sure everyone feels welcome in our classroom no matter what their background is. I grew up in a pretty small school district. My graduating class what roughly 54 students. Most of my fellow classmates grew up either in our small little town or on farms surrounding our school district. All of my classmates were caucasian, coming from…show more content…
Sure we had the trouble makers in the classroom that would try to push the teachers buttons, but the teachers never really held a grudge against them. I feel this has reciprocated into my present day teaching. You never know what is going on with a student. If a student acts up constantly, maybe they have something on their mind. I try to treat everyday as a new day, giving the students a clean slate everyday. After high school I went to the University of Nebraska at Omaha where I participated in basketball and track and field while going to school. This was a major point in my life. I was exposed to much more diversity than I have ever been exposed to, and it was a stepping stone for me individually. While I was on the basketball team, we had caucasian and african american girls. Most of the girls came from large schools and had been playing basketball and only basketball since elementary school. They had a lot of different interest, but we all meshed well together. One girl grew up in Kansas City, where she experienced neighborhood gangs and crime. When she told us stories, I was always thankful for where I grew up. The track team was even more diverse. We had athletes from Jamaica, Slovenia, Turkey, Russia, and United States. Talk about differences in culture. It was so fun and interesting to have these girls on the team. We learned so much from each other about our culture and where
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