My Experience With Divorced Parents

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About a year ago, I was faced with a problem that almost every kid whose parents are divorced will go through, which parent to live with. When I was 6 it was a decision that was made for me and when I was 8 it was a decision that the state made for me. When I was 13, it was a decision I had to make for myself, and I thought it would be an easy one, yet a year later, I’m still not sure about the decision I made. When I was 8, my dad had a got a new girlfriend, who helped him finalize the divorce and the custody battle. I went from being, for the most part, center of attention and not the “black sheep” of the family, which could have happened easily with 3 other siblings. As the months and years passed, my stepmom started treating me differently. My dad had enough of it, and he and I moved out. My dad invested all his money in the that family and didn’t have the money to buy a house so for a while we stayed with my grandparents. I moved around a little more, for at least 2 months I stayed at my best friends house, then moved in with my brother for a few months. Once summer…show more content…
I remember saying that I loved living with them because it reminded me of when I was little and I was always at their house. But for me it always seemed like once things were going good, it would take a wrong turn and everything would start to go downhill again. Everything happened so fast. I remember my dad asking me if I just wanted to stay with my brother again or go to live with my mom in Missouri. At first, I really wanted to stay with my brother because I had just moved schools and I didn’t want to move to a different state and start all over again. Once I thought about it that night, I felt like maybe that what was best for me. It would give my dad time to get his life back on track and it would help me build a relationship with my mom. A win-win kind of
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