My Experience With Doctor Visits

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Twisted Something was wrong. Every fiber within me was screaming this but my mind refused to accept it. The nausea, lack of energy, and the constant feeling of being tired were becoming commonplace in my daily life. The thought of going to see a doctor was not something I was looking forward to and had not been entertained frequently by me in the past. I had always taken pride in being active and healthy. Unbeknownst to me, doctor visits would become a regular, unpleasant, occurrence for me in the months to follow. It was a cool crisp fall morning in October 2013. The air had the distinct aroma of the winter months that were pressing hard to reveal themselves. A light breeze softly scattered the leaves gently across our front yard. It held the promise of becoming a beautiful day, but not for me. Thinking back, I remember how I used to love this time of year, but this year felt very different. My husband Darrell and I had finally found the perfect house to rent after a year of searching. Even though we hated the process of moving it was something we had looked forward to for such a long time. Darrell was up early that morning packing, labeling, and busying himself with various other tasks required for such an event. Normally this was something I would gladly have jumped right in and helped with. However, I was not as energetic as he was. I had noticed lately I was lacking in the motivation category and everyday chores seemed to drain me quite easily. This feeling had
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